Sustainable practices at PHANOMEN/design are business as usual. They are not a new trend or a PR push. Considering our impression on the environment and finding solutions to reduce our impact and that of our clients’ has been interwoven into the fundamental principals of our ethics from day one.

As a member of the Indiana Chapter of the US Green Building Council, we understand that there are both big and small actions we can take in improving our knowledge and actions to contribute to a cleaner tomorrow.

There is a wealth of information available and staying up on current innovations, certifications, calculations, formulations, etc., etc. can seem challenging at times, even to the most seasoned ecoist. So, we keep it down-to-earth (no pun intended).

After filtering though all the hype, the point is simply to leave this world as close as possible to the way we found it.

Making you aware of how we will continue to recycle paper, plastic, ink cartridges, material samples and cardboard or how we encourage carpooling and donate outdated library resources to universities and organizations like the Humane Society should not be news. Neither should the informing you that we will carry on with our practice of using “green” cleaning products, real (not plastic) utensils and dishware, and use a water purification system for drinking water.

It may be a bit of trivia that we choose to remain in a historic HUB Zone re-use building, with un-clad exposed brick that not only looks unpretentiously beautiful, but serves to help naturally regulate heating and cooling.

But what you will really want to know is that when you engage us as your design partner, we will always look to first specify or procure sustainable, energy efficient, recyclable, recycled, non-precious, or cradle-to-cradle materials from local manufacturers before going to sources that might increase our carbon footprint.

Environmental responsibility is not new to PHANOMEN/design. It is who we are.






The team at phanomen is amazing!!! I love people ‘on the ball’ and phanomen/design is not only on it, they hit it out of the park! …they really take care of their clients. They’re a god send.

Brandon Beale, CISSP
President, Digitech, Inc

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