The immeasurably quick change of today’s economic environment is full of potential – the potential to explore the possibilities and seize opportunities from a fresh perspective that can allow your objectives to thrive!

This new environment demands a different kind of design relationship with a partner who:

Listens carefully to understand your individual varying needs.
Creates open & effective dialogue with consistent accessibility.
Provides flexible services; responsive to your evolving needs.

Builds upon the value of their services to enhance your final outcome Is a designer who is actually working with you to establish new rules!

This is the essence of Phanomen/ design. With a wealth of experience in nearly every aspect of the construction & design industries, we have developed a foundation for a partnership-oriented design philosophy. Our strong individual backgrounds, combined with recognition from the National Council for Interior Design Qualification, aid in developing new rules for a winning partnership.

So, while we remain flexible to joining your team only when you deem necessary, be assured that we will exceed your expectations with a consistent level of professionalism. By providing competitive services that work together with your vision, our aim is to be your design partner of choice.

Getting right down to the point: We are passonate about ensuring the success of your goals!

“Creating a profitable environment is exactly what Loree and her team did for us. Developing a high quality, budget focused, creative office space was a priority of ours and PHANOMEN delivered exactly what our business needed to grow.

Since moving into the space they created for us, we have had exceptionally positive feedback from all of our clients and patients. We believe our business referrals and profits have indeed increased as a result of our enhanced image. In fact, a little over one year later, we are ready to expand once more and need PHANOMEN to create two new office locations for us! We highly recommend you trust their team for your business design and project management needs.”

Jenifer Asher
President/ CEO,
Connections, Inc.


I’m the last person to think I needed a designer. But now, after having worked with the Phanomen/design team and seeing the beautiful results, I realize this was my favorite part of my entire new business development and construction experience.”

Brenda Strong
Owner, Strong Styles

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